Ultra Sound Scan

Latest Wipro GE Machine is provided for OP and In-Patient use and also for Gynec and obstetric cases.

MERCK - Semi Auto Analyzer

Laboratory is equipped with MERCK Japan make semi auto analyzer which can do all biochemistry profiles including Renal, Hepatic, Lipid, Thyroid etc., within minutes, In addition, all Hematology tests are done by M.Sc Biochemist.

Wipro300 - Deluxe X-Ray

Radiology Department: Equipped with 300 wipro deluxe X-Ray machine with quality screens and drier with the service of a senior radiographer who is having 20 years experience in Managing the department and the film quality is excellent.

Central Oxygen and Suction Pipeline System

Minor O.T & Casualty: are all fully equipped to take up emergency cases and has central Oxygen and suction pipeline system

Siemens Portable X-Ray

Latest Siemens Portable X-Ray units available for OT and ICU and Siemensu usefull for individual as your X-ray routine, cover virtually all clinical applications, and offer you workflow optimization, imaging excellence and investment confidence. ...

Medron Neonatal resuscitator

LABOUR ROOM is provided in OT & ICU floor only with Healthy environment LG A/c plasma filter Janak Advanced Labor Bed and Medron Neonatal resuscitator


  • 1. Kone 16 passengers lift is provided.
  • 2. 62.5 KV Ashok Leyland Generator backup is available round the clock including OT, ICU.
  • 3. Solar Water Heater Provision for Hot Water supplied for Patients.
  • 4. Aqua Guard Filtered water is provided to all.
  • 5. Round the Clock service by Staff and Attendants.
  • 6. Ambulance is available for round the clock services, for transportation within city and for outside on request.
  • 7. Central Oxygen, N20, Suction Plant is provided in stilt floor for exclusive use in Operation Theatres, All ICU's, Labour Room, Casualty & Minor OT.